At Liquify Pools & Spas, we know how well-conceived pool design and solid construction have the power to change more than your backyard. A pool and spa is a desirable component of a healthy, active and social lifestyle.

With an array of luxury pools in our portfolio, Liquify Pools and Spas is committed to combining engineering perfection and the artistry of pool architect Kurt Kraisinger.

Responsive to every homeowner’s input, we create a personalized design in harmony with the home and garden where it belongs.

We orchestrate and smooth the construction process from beginning to end with our engineering know-how and experienced pool contractors.

Liquify Pools & Spas is based in Overland Park, Kansas, but our work is not limited to our own backyard. Let Liquify Pools and Spas fill your life to the brim by taking your project to a new level.


Get an inside look at past and present Liquify Pools + Spas projects.